Sea glass and carved wood hand
Clayton discussing carving
Outdoor bathroom

Sea glass and carved wood hand
Clayton discussing carving
Outdoor bathroom

Handcrafting Hermosa

Our story began in 2001 when American art collector and retired CEO Clayton Korver sharpened his machete and began to shape twelve acres of lush tropical forest. Under Clayton's hand, the land revealed its beauty. A majestic cottonwood with towering buttress roots. A flock of Jamaican parrots perched in an ancient buttonwood. A secluded cove rimmed with porous limestone.

... the land revealed its beauty ...

From their home on the property, Deb and Clayton set out to preserve and enhance these natural wonders. They commissioned habitat surveys and geological studies. They joined with local conservationist Mel Tennant to protect the bay's endangered sea turtles (watch Mel's TED Talk here).

Soon stone-lined paths meandered among the trees and rock formations. Authentic Caribbean villas joined the tropical canopy. And a splendid restaurant stood watch over the reef-studded cove – in the form of a Spanish castle.

...a never-ending masterpiece...

The Korvers appointed each room with museum-quality art. Throughout the resort, Asian antiquities were paired with Jamaican carvings and Clayton's own sculptures.

The inspiration still flows at Hermosa Cove. A team of local artisans works alongside Clayton and Deb to create a never-ending masterpiece of wood and stone.

A master carver hews ornate columns from Jamaican sweetwood. A stonemason stacks walls topped with fossilized brain coral. And in the resort's signature restaurant, a celebrated chef marries international flavors with the island's tropical bounty.

Our guests also contribute to the resort's artistic atmosphere. Writers, painters, and musicians travel from around the world to create their own masterpieces at Hermosa Cove.

Come find your inspiration at Hermosa Cove

- Clayton and Deb

Clayton and Deb portrait

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