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Reservation Policy

Supporting the culture and people of Jamaica is our calling and mission.
Here are a few policies that help ensure that both are given respect.

  • Three (3) night minimum stay for 1 bedroom villas
  • Four (4) night minimum stay for 3 bedroom and boutique villas
  • Three (3) night minimum stay over holiday weekends
  • Five (5) night minimum stay between Christmas / new years
  • One (1) Night Deposit due at time of booking
  • Reservation balance due 4 weeks prior to arrival
  • All rates are per night and exclude tax or gratuity
  • Local GCT tax rate is 10%
  • Minimum gratuity suggested 10%

Cancellation Policy

Knowing who is coming when helps us plan our staff and supplies.
Honoring our cancellation policy helps us honor Jamaica.

All cancellations must be made in writing to Hermosa Cove, and will take effect when a confirmation of receipt of the cancellation is received by you from Hermosa Cove.

60 Days Notice required for reservations during:

  • Thanksgiving week
  • Christmas / New Years (December 20 and January 5)
  • Valentines week
  • Easter week
  • Cancellation fee of the entire stay will be assessed if cancelled under 30 days. Cancellation fee of the deposit will be assessed for cancellations between 30 & 60 days. Refunds for early check outs are at the discretion of Management.

30 Days Notice required for all reservations:

A late cancellation charge of the full amount of the stay will be assessed for any cancellation under 30 days. We recommend that guests arrange travel insurance to account for unforeseeable life circumstances. This protects both you as the guest and us as host.

Peace+Love+Respect Policy

Jamaica’s pillars of Peace, Love, and Respect run through the veins of the land and through her people. While staying with us we expect you to adopt these ideals in order to create a better experience both for you and for your neighbor.


Hermosa Cove has been hailed as a tropical paradise and a quiet, peaceful haven; it is important to continue to provide that experience to all of our visitors. Below are our expectations and guidelines for all guests staying at Hermosa Cove, but the broad ideas are ...

  • Keep the peaceful tranquility people expect on an Hermosa Cove vacation.
  • Love the guests and staff around you, treating them the same way you want to be treated.
  • Think about the unique needs of those around you respect their well earned getaway.

The type of people that spend time here are the type of people that naturally live lives of peace and love and respect; we rarely, if ever, have problems. Our guests are beyond reproach and are consistently mindful of the behavior of the children, if they’ve come along. But, it’s still good to be clear as to what we expect from you and what you may expect from other guests.

If someone is a disturbance to your stay, please let us know so that we can treat the matter with the love and decency that every single person deserves. Every instance will be handled with the utmost care, unique to the situation and the people involved.

General Guidelines:

The following guidelines apply to everyone on property. Abiding by them will ensure a wonderful experience for every single guest. 

  • Excessive noise can ruin a peaceful experience for other guests, so please be attentive to your volume. For example, loud music, boisterous yelling, etc. might bother other guests.
  • Cleaning up after yourself is a great way to respect the Earth as well as Hermosa Cove's staff. We've provided trash receptacles around the property for you to utilize.
  • Please be mindful to take care of your personal belongings while around the resort. If you misplace an item or find someone else's misplaced item, please alert our staff at the front desk. To ensure care of your more valuable personal belongings, there is a safe in your villa.
  • When leaving your villa, please be certain to close and lock your villa gate. This will help ensure the privacy of your space. 
  • We invite you to explore the public spaces on the resort, spend time on both beaches, walk the villa paths, utilize our workout path; but please refrain from entering staff areas and the villas of other guests.
  • Please enjoy alcoholic beverages while staying with us, you're on vacation after all; but please drink responsibly. Your actions and demeanor should be respectful of the people around you with or without a drink in hand. 
  • If you're staying in one of our three bedroom villas (Nutmeg, Ginger, or Pimento) please know that there is another villa below the extra two bedrooms. Be mindful when walking and talking in these areas that you don't disturb guests below. 

Restaurant Guidelines:

These guidelines help keep with the ethos of Hermosa Cove as well as abide by rules of health and safety. 

  • Hermosa Cove wants to create an atmosphere of peaceful ease, which includes restaurant attire. However we also want you to be respectful of the space and other guests; therefore ...
    • Shoes or sandals should always be worn, no bare feet
    • Breakfast attire should not include pajamas
    • Daytime attire may include swimsuits with cover ups or swim shirts
    • Evening attire may be casual, dressy, or anything in between 
  • Outside food or drink is not allowed in the Christopher's or Broken Rudder areas. You may provide your own food in your villas.
  • Restaurant food can be eaten in your villa or on the beach. Just call, order, and ask!

Guidelines for Children under 18:

  • Help your teenagers be aware, attentive, and respectful to those around them. We know full well that despite our best efforts this can be a difficult task, but we believe all kids have the propensity to be kind and generous on their own accord.
  • Kids love to play music on their phones. Other people don't necessarily like your kids' music. Please ask your children to utilize headphones when listening to their tunes. 
  • The beach and public pools are great places to play. When other guests are present please ensure your teenagers are respectful. At these times, ask them to refrain from roughhousing or loud play.
  • Your children are your responsibility. Even the most well behaved young adults might find themselves in a sticky situation. Please check in on your teenagers at least once an hour. 

Guidelines for Children under 13:

  • Kids who are having fun tend to make joyful noises. We love laughing and play. Please know the difference between yelling and glee. Yelling is a disruption to other guests. Glee is a beautiful noise.
  • Three bedroom villas are connected to a one bedroom villa, located beneath bedrooms two and three. Please walk with quiet feet as to not disturb the guests underneath.
  • All children must abide by a curfew.
    No loud playing in your villa courtyard before 9:00am.
    No loud playing anywhere on property after 10:00pm.
  • The beach and pools are a great place to play, but can also be potentially dangerous. Please ensure your young kids don't rough house with one another or play on places that shouldn't be played upon.
    Solution: There are various water and sand toys for kids. Please see the water sports staff to borrow these items.

  • Kids must abide by common restaurant etiquette. Sometimes hungry kids scream and yell, disrupting the peace and quiet for other guests. We understand.
    Solution: Plan on eating early so your kids are fed and happy before other guests arrive.
    Solution: Request an alternate eating location such as the second floor or villa dining area.
  • Youngsters must be under constant supervision; meaning they are close enough to be seen and heard. This will ensure that you are aware of their actions and safety at all times.
    Solution: Want to have some time alone? Plan ahead and let us schedule a nanny service for you.

Loving Our Children:

Children come in many varieties. Two siblings can be completely different in their behavior and demeanor; but both are special, both sweet, and both worthy of our love. We (Deb and Clayton Korver, owners of Hermosa Cove) have raised three sons and now have the pleasure of being involved in the lives of our grandchildren. We know that children require both freedom and structure, one can’t exist without the other, and no two children need the same balance.


True confession - Clayton admits to being a difficult child to manage. His mother would attest to his "wild behavior" with story after story.  Tales of getting kicked out of cub scouts. Tales that caused a catholic school nun to say he was “full of piss and vinegar”. Tales that often ended in a belt or paddle (which of course was the norm back in the 1950s). Tales that belong in a memoir and built the man who built Hermosa Cove. We understand the wild ruckus that often follows children; however, we ask you to bend towards structure, control, and peace for the sake and experience of the other guests at Hermosa Cove.


Together we can respect the quiet, peaceful solitude that has become a hallmark of Hermosa Cove; one that our guests have come to know and love.

For personalized service and the lowest rates, book with us directly!