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The Beach

If you can bring your office to any place in the world, then we invite you to surround yourself with the warmth and beauty of Hermosa Cove.

Spend a long weekend or an extended stay and we would love to set you up with your own office space with an inspiring view of the ocean. We'll provide you with office supplies, high-speed internet, a second monitor, speakers for your reggae work music, and even an afternoon snack.

Then take a beachside break and relax in the sun.

Snack Support
Snack Support

Utilize our private corner of Christopher's Restaurant or craft a group working space in our large dinning room.

And when you're ready for a pick-me-up our staff will bring you a late morning coffee or an afternoon plate of jerk chicken spring rolls to share with your team.

Don't Forget to Rest
Don't Forget to Rest

For all the things we can do to help you work; the heart and soul of Hermosa Cove is about helping people rest. We'll help you find time and space to enjoy nature, enjoy food, enjoy the beach, and even enjoy culture - because in Jamaica we believe in Balance.

... may we set you up right? ...

Hermosa Cove loves to craft experiences that are unique to our guests, meet the needs of individuals, and arrange a stay that is perfect for you.

Here are a few things that we've put together for your seaside office that we think help make working a bit easier.

Need something else? Just ask. We'll try our hardest to make it happen.

  • Your own private air-conditioned space, overlooking the ocean. 
  • A USB-C docking station to connect you to a second monitor, highspeed internet (50mpbs down / 10mbps up), speakers, USB Hub, webcam, and an SD card reader.
  • Dedicated WiFi Access Point through our resort network.
  • Office supplies. Because what would you do if you forgot your array of colored pens? And you never know when you need a pad of paper.
  • Colored Laserjet Printer
  • Need more desk space? We can do that too. 

This package can only be booked directly through our offices.


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